What is an LED issue?

Below you can see an image showing what an "LED issue" is, this is the only known issue that results in only a portion of the lamp lighting up, and responding to the remote.

How can I resolve an LED Issue?

In most cases, this issue can be resolved within 3 minutes, through a series of instructions that need to be followed, these can be found below!

Step 1)  Turn off the lamp by pressing the On/Off button, but NOT disconnect the power.

Step 2)  Press and hold any button among "S+", "S-","B+","B-", the lamp will be turned on in BLUE colour, which then you can press "S+", "S-" and "B+","B-" to adjust the height of light.

Step 3)  Press "S-" and "S+", you can control one third, two thirds and the full lamp. Press "S+" button several times until the whole lamp lights up.

Step 4)  Press On/Off once, then you're done!

If you're having problems performing these, please do not hesitate to get in touch, a member of our team would be more than happy to guide you through it.